Facebook Account Disabled

Facebook Account Disabled?

Step-by-Step in Depth Guide to Recover Your Facebook Profile, Ads Account, Business Manager.


Every day I see the number of people complaining about 


“I haven’t done anything wrong, yet Facebook disabled my account!”


Yes, we all have been there!


Without keeping you all more impenitent let’s find the answer of 

– How?

– Why?

– When?


HOW – my Profile got disabled, I didn’t do anything wrong?


Yes, you did!


There is always a reason why Facebook disables the profile.


Since the time COVID-19 pandemic started, the number of fake news started increasing; in most cases unknowingly you could have shared it or posted it.


Make sure you are not posting content that doesn’t follow the Facebook Terms.


If you are a marketer and somehow ended locking your Business Manager, Ad Account, Facebook Profile, then this post is most useful for you.

Following is the answer given by Facebook for WHY your account is disabled.

“Every problem has a solution. You just have to be creative enough to find it.”

 –Travis Kalanick


To recover your account, you will need to visit – https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/260749603972907


You will need to enter the log in mail id or mobile number, full name along with a valid document which shows the profile belongs to you.


I know you have many questions now-


·       My account is disabled how I can submit this form.

·       I don’t have access to email or phone number registered with      Facebook

·       I don’t have a valid ID Proof.


If your main account is disabled, still you can open the link and submit the form, if it still asks you to log in and submit then create a temporary profile and submit the form. 


If you don’t remember access to email id and phone number or lost access to it, then try to recover it by going through the forgot password process and getting it back.


In the end, if you don’t have valid ID Proof, then RUN! FIB is after you.


Most of the time it takes 48 hrs to get a response from Facebook but due to COVID-19, it takes weeks to enable the account.


Where I will receive an update on the complaint?


If you are logged in to new profile

Visit –https://www.facebook.com/support


Check out the open appeal below that you’ll be able to see the status.


P.S: if you try to talk with Facebook support, they will give you similar information as stated above.


Not all accounts get enabled, sometimes Facebook is strict and never lets you access old accounts, in this case, be strong and start from scratch.


Let’s move on to the most common disabled thing on the mother earth.




This notification hurts more than break-up!


OK, Don’t Cry. Let’s Get it Back!

How To Get Your Disabled Ads Account Back, with the Help of Customer Support?


Step 1:

Open Business Manager – Click on “?” As given in the picture below


Step 2:

Scroll Down and Click on the Contact Support Team.

Some might find the option some might not get it.


Facebook support is mostly available for accounts with a history of good ads spend / old ads account.

What should I do if I don’t see the option?

Your answer will be given shortly!

Step 3:

Fill the form with your information and in the end, notify about your problem. Don’t forget to select a proper ad account.

Once the form is submitted, you will be able to start to chat with customer support and they will be able to guide you further.

P.S – The Customer Support team isn’t responsible for the deactivation of your account, be polite with them.           

Get Your Ad Account Back without Facebook Support help

Step 1: Visit https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/2026068680760273

Step 2:

Click on ‘Yes’ this is my account.

Select Your Ad Account – if you have multiple ad accounts then make sure you select the correct one.


You will be able to see the above options, if you know the reason why it’s been disabled, then select one of the first two options.

I suggest using 3rd for all kinds of reasons. Give them proper information about why your account should not be disabled. (Be Polite)


Step 3: 

Submit the form.

If everything goes well, it will be reviewed by the internal team. Sometimes Facebook will ask you to confirm your identity.

Just send them your valid Id Proof and then you will be able to send a request to review again.

Once you submit the form, normally it used to take 24hrs but now it takes a week to get it back. 

You will receive a reply to your complaint here –https://www.facebook.com/support

If you believe one of your ads from a disabled account is still active which is a very rare case, then contact your bank and stop Facebook payment, because even Facebook support team will not be able to stop the ads.

Sometimes the situation goes so wrong that you want to throw your laptop!

That’s the exact feeling we get when Facebook disables our Business Manager


There may be 1 or 5 Ads Accounts with BM, if Facebook gets cranky which usually happens whenever elections are near / too much activity on newly created Business Manager / Adding People to New Business Manager just after creating a new one / fail to make payment.

Like Ad Accounts, Facebook likes if you go slow and create some history on the new business manager and then add people or play with it.

That’s all right! I already made a mistake!

Now, How Do I Get My Business Manager Back without help from Facebook support?

Ok! First thing First.

Chatting for hours with support won’t get your BM back!

Step 1: Visit – https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/2166173276743732

You will see the form as below:


Once you select Business Manager and then click on YES.

I will suggest, always select the Another Reason – explain everything in detail, make sure whatever you said is under the policy of Facebook.

Once you submit the complaint, it will take a week for them to review, and in your support inbox, you will see the ticket answered.

Yes, that’s my complaint and it was resolved without any problem!

But it doesn’t mean every time they will get it enabled, we have to respect Facebook policy and be polite with them. 


“ If you are struggling to get any of the accounts back, then chat with support, ask them to call you on your phone, 50% of the time they will!

Then be nice with them, they will take your matter to Priority level and it will be solved with a positive note. “